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Avengers; age of ultron

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Plot twist

Rhodey loses his armor near the end of the movie and has to beat up Ultron dressed like this

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Guys, imagine if Fitzsimmons wore Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts

someone draw this

Displaying things.jpg

I drew the thing :3

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Hi! I love the avengers and I recently made a few avengers-inspired iphone cases (hope this counts as fanart!) and I was wondering if you’d help me spread it around the avengers fandom by reblogging my post? I totally understand if you’re not into reblogging merch, but it’d be much appreciated! If you’re willing, here’s the link

Thank you so much! Love your blog! (:

Hello there! Thanks for your submission, the phone cases are beautiful. Probably not quite fanart, but they definitely deserve to be seen.

Everyone check out these Avengers-inspired iPhone cases, they’re really great!

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After a very long hiatus, this blog will be returning full-time pretty soon.

Keep your eyes open for more art!